Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon

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The Moon and the wolf are joined in this talisman to bring strength, spirit, sensuality, and sublime purpose to your life! The Moon is often thought to represent the divine feminine, the Mother Goddess, and the female nature. The Moon shines in dark times, like a light of awareness glowing in the caverns of the soul. The light of the moon guides us to our intuitive selves; to our deep emotional recesses, where spirit reigns and the mind is hushed. The power of the “Full Moon” amplifies all positive and negative influences of our lives and of our planet.

The ancient peoples understood the Moon’s power, and in homage, gave a name to each full moon in our calendar. According to Native American culture, January is the month of “The Wolf Moon”. It is a cold bleak time when food is scarce and daylight is overshadowed by long nights. The hungry wolves prowl their territory hoping to find sustenance for cold days ahead. They depend not only on their instincts, but also their intellect to survive the lean times.

The “Wolf Moon” reminds us to draw on the power of wolf medicine and lunar energies. Wolf teaches us to make use of our resources, and not to be wasteful. The wolf teaches us to be discriminate, to trust our senses and our insights. Wolf medicine encourages us to take control of our lives, live in harmony with nature, and live boldly. “Moon Power” enhances our powers of intuition and keeps us in balance with our inner self.

Design by: Linda Satya Holler