Wheel of Hecate

Wheel of Hecate

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Hecate's wheel (Greek- Strophalos,) is an ancient Greek symbol, an emblem of the Moon Goddess Hecate and her Triple Goddess aspect.

The second century text, “The Chaldean Oracle," describes the symbol as a labyrinthine serpent (rebirth and renewal) surrounding a central spiral—symbolic of the "Iynges,” mysterious beings whose names may be translated as wheels or whirls, emanations of divine thought.

Today, this wheel symbol is used by practitioners of “Hellenic Recon,” or Dianic Traditions of Wicca, as a sign of religious identification. Other symbols of Hecate include; torches, dogs, keys, serpents, and of course, the crossroads.

Hecate is a powerful lunar goddess who rules over the Earth, sea, and sky. Many modern witches associate her with the concept of maiden, mother, and crone—representing the three phases of the female life. Hecate is worshipped as a protective goddess, who bestowed prosperity and blessings on the family. Invite this powerful goddess into your life—her strength is undeniable!