Vampire Slayer's Cross

Vampire Slayer's Cross

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The figure of the Vampire, a creature clad in darkness and legend, has haunted man’s imagination for centuries. Europe was at times plagued by hordes of “upir” who literally bled medieval villages to death. Vampire lineage can in fact be traced to ancient Egypt where the image of a dark bird was revered. This sinister bird represented the flight of the soul at death and its journey into the world of shadows.

This design seems to represent a cross used by a classic "Vampire Slayer" as seen in popular literature. 

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Our unique design is from Eric Wilborn, actualized by Pepi and cast in Lead-free, kid safe, "Hallmark" brand Pewter. Copr 1980s.                                                                     The pendant is double sided and the pendant size is large 2 1/2 High X 1 3/4 Wide.