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This design is a combination of symbols of the Norse Father God, Odin. The center is the "Valknut," three interlocking triangles that are known as the "Knot of the Fallen Warrior."  However, Odin is not a God of War, but a God of Inspiration. He bestowed an inspiration to fight. He is God of magic, consciousness, and the arts. The runes in the top border are "Man" and "Yr"—Life and Death respectively. In the center is the “Tyr,” or Warrior Rune. This imparts eternal life through reincarnation, and eliminates fear of death.

The runes along the bottom border spell "Valhal"—the Hall of the Slain, the Nordic Heaven. The rune at the apex of the pyramid is 'Odal,' signifying the magical enclosure, which contains protective energies.   The Gar rune in the center is symbolic of "Gungnir," Odin's Magical Spear. The symbol on the back represents three interlocked drinking horns. The top border contains runes, which mean the gift of consciousness, the cosmic breath, and the power of creativity through word and song.

This design is a wonderful amulet for poets, writers, and singers. This pendant brings a reopening of the spiritual life, Inspiration to achieve victory over things and the ego. It renews courage, wholeness, and the divine energies. We are droplets of God and an essential part of The All. May these magical runes empower and protect.

Design by: Kano Diebitsch