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The Unity symbol represents the sacred doorway which opens when two souls embrace. Entering this doorway is always a challenge. We encounter different ideas, different values, and different likes and dislikes. The experience can be overwhelming; it can cause us to run back to the safe place of oneness, where we understand the world and feel safe. Oneness, however, is sometimes a lonely place where nothing grows—life may be predictable, but it can also be stagnant.

The Unity symbol reminds us that one plus one always yields something greater, while one multiplied by itself will always remain the same. Entering the sacred doorway provides an opportunity for growth, acceptance, and honoring one another in peace and in love. In your personal relationships, work relationships, and your relationship to the world, the key is to practice Unity.

The two overlapping circles form the almond-shaped, Vesica Piscis. The Vesica Piscis is often called "the womb of the Goddess", where creation takes place. Within this intersection is the “triad”, the three linked circles. The triad represents resolution to conflict—two opposites and a neutral for binding, balancing, and a transforming presence.

Wear the Unity amulet to encourage peaceful and harmonious relationships to enter your life.

Design by: Linda Satya Holler