Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose

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The British dynasty of the Tudors was symbolized by the Tudor Rose. The rose became truly "Royal" during the English Civil War; The War of the Roses (1455-1485). The winner, Tudor Henry VII, merged his Lancastrian White rose with the Red rose of his York bride creating the Tudor Rose, (the petals of a red rose enfolding the petals of a white rose.) This “Rose of England” symbolized unity and respect and was worn as a symbol of loyalty and allegiance.

The Tudors were able to establish England as a world power by positioning their country as a peace-maker between the dueling powers of France and Spain/the Holy Roman Empire. They also gave England a century of dynastic stability. Most Tudor monarchs came to the throne (and remained on the throne) without strife. This lengthy period of peace allowed England a much-needed respite from the Lancastrian-Yorkist wars. Government ran more efficiently; royal power replaced that of aristocrats and there was a uniform system of justice and taxation throughout the country. And, as always in times of peace, the arts flourished.

The Tudor Rose is a symbol of hope, joy, and creativity.

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