Trisula Yantra

Trisula Yantra

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Our “Meditation Mandala” is designed to invoke the great spiritual power of masculine and feminine energies; the union of Shiva and Shakti; the divine being. Belief in the Divine Mother has influenced many Eastern religions. The Mother Goddess is the source of the limitless energy, the life force, the prana, the supreme ultimate, the chi, from which all was created.

Enclosed within the geometric shape of the yantra, is the eight-petaled lotus , symbol of the loving, nurturing aspect of the Goddess. The spiral shapes surrounding the inner circle are symbolic of life and death and represent the womb of the earth. At the center is the “Trisula”, a symbol of great mystery and importance in India. Worshippers of Buddha say it is the symbol of the dharma. In Hinduism, it is called the Trident of Shiva.

Use the “Meditation Mandala” as an aid to your own spiritual journey to enlightenment!

Design by: Linda Satya Holler