Three Celtic Dragons

Three Celtic Dragons

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Throughout history the Dragon has been a symbol of great importance— a symbol of enlightenment and spiritual perfection and of great happiness. This magical beast was more often seen as an untamed and unbridled force of nature.

In some mythology, man had to conquer the dragon to ensure peace and tranquility. The dragon, however, was also seen by early Christians as Lucifer, or The Devil—as the evil serpent in the Garden of Eden that must be slain in a battle of good versus evil. Although the dragon was viewed with disparity among many cultures, it was always seen as a powerful symbol of great significance.

The ancient Celts knew the secret powers of the number three. They used the Triple symbol in such things as the Triple Moon Goddess, the three sided Peace Knot, the Triquetra and many more. Our "Three Dragons" incorporates this magical number into an intricate, interwoven threefold pattern.

The Three Dragons twist themselves into a Celtic knot creating a powerful symbol of unity and protection. The knots and spirals of wings and tails create an exquisite labyrinth of meditative lines. The spiritual Eastern dragon and the wild and lustful Western dragon combine with the neutral third dragon to bring your spirit an enduring, healing wholeness.

Design by: Qrys Bennett