Talisman for Good Health

Talisman for Good Health

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Our Talisman has 2 different sides: The Talisman for Good Health governs ones Vitality and Life Force. It is a wonderful Preservative for Health and Aids Greatly in the Curing of any Disease.    

On the back is "The Seal of Great Prosperity," the Alpha et Omega; The Beginning and the End.

These two distinct designs empower each other and together they are extremely helpful for anyone associated with the Healing Arts.

This Wonderful Amulet aids in diagnosis and practice of Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, Naturopaths, Spiritual Healers, Masseurs, Veterinarians and so forth.


Our designs are found in various Ancient Grimores that we have in our private library. Often the various Magical Symbols are so ancient that their origins are lost in the mist of time; and so they are not identified or explained in the manuscripts.   Since we must trust that source, we cannot guarantee any Magical Powers. We must also state that we sell these for novelty purposes only, no magical powers are implied. It is up to you to provide the Magick!!!