Star of Chaos

Star of Chaos

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The "Divine Fire Wheel" or the "Star of Chaos," is known as an "Insigil:" a magical rune placed around a circle increasing its magical power eightfold. This rune is the "Teiwaz" rune, sacred to the god Tyr, Regent of Mars. In legend Tyr bound the "Fenris wolf" when it threatened the cosmic order, but had to sacrifice his right hand in the process of saving the other gods. Therefore this symbol has become known to symbolize "order over chaos," as well as justice, and the sacrifice for the greater good. It is a battle rune, representing heroism and victory.

It may seem a paradox that a symbol of order should come to be known as the “Star of Chaos,” but the cosmogenic force of Teiwaz is one that polarizes, creating duality from unity. Order and chaos cannot exist without each other's complimentary qualities, and ultimately, everything is "ordered chaos." 

By placing this rune in a multiple eight-fold vibrational circle, the rune's magical forces are enhanced by a "harmonic resonance."  Eight is the number of "complete manifestation," the "perfection of symmetry," and the eight-fold division of the Heavens. The fiery qualities of the Tyr Rune are also associated with masculine sexuality. The Star of Chaos brings the wearer the qualities of the warrior—power, success, and a sense of justice.

Design by: Kano Diebitsch