Seven Goddess Blossom

Seven Goddess Blossom

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The seven Greek goddesses personified strong feminine qualities; the archetypes (inner forces) of which reside in all women. Understanding these archetypes and becoming aware of which goddesses are ruling our individual psyches can open new depths of understanding for women.

Psychologist C.G. Jung believed that women are influenced by these inner forces (archetypes), which are part of our collective unconscious. Tapping into this knowledge can raise a woman’s awareness. It can help us find new personal meaning in our lives, or even empower us to alter our life’s course and start a new path toward enriching our souls!

The “Seven Goddess Blossom” symbolizes the seven Greek Goddesses in the petals of a flower: Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, Hestia, Demeter, Persephone, and Hera. At the center is a seven-pointed star, symbolizing the sparkling light of the Earth Goddess, Gaia, who gave birth to us all. From the star bursts forth the seven petals, each signifying one goddess. The petals interlace, representing the overlapping of goddesses within us, with their strengths and weaknesses apparent at different phases of our lives.

Go within to invoke the power of your Goddess and be the woman you’ve always wanted to be!

Design by: Linda Satya Holler