Runic Love Amulet Large

Runic Love Amulet Large

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The Runic Love Amulet combines the beauty of Celtic knot work with the ultimate magic of the Runic alphabet, creating a powerful symbol to enhance passion, bring joy, enable trust, and attract love.

The main portion of the design is a stylized Celtic Cross. The circle in the center of the cross is a female symbol representing the unity of all life, representing divine light and spiritual radiance. Within the circle are magical runes that translate as “the seeds of love grow in trust.” Only in perfect trust (signified by the M rune Ehwaz), can one have perfect love (the X rune Geofu). Such love is balanced by passion (the C rune Ken), and joy (the P rune Wynn), ensuring passionate love together with friendship and harmony.  

The interlaced lines of the Celtic knot form a continuous ‘gateless’ design, which has been considered a symbol of protection throughout time. Wear or gift this original design to bring true love, happiness, joy, and harmony.

Design by: Qrys Bennett