Pirate Captain Kitty

Pirate Captain Kitty

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Captain Kidd, the famous pirate who sailed from Massachusetts in the mid 1500’s and buried a vast treasure on Gardiner Island near Long Island, might never have survived if not for his cat. Cats were invaluable aboard the sailing ships of yore. The cats on board kept the valuable food stuff from being spoiled by rats that infested every ship that ever sailed. Without the Captain’s cat the sailors would be in danger of getting sick from rat droppings or infected with vile rat-born sickness.

Pirates were also a superstitious lot. During this time, seamen considered the possession of black cats good luck. It was a common practice for the loved ones of a merchant marine to keep a black cat in the house while he was at sea. It was believed that so long as the cat was well-fed and kept safe from harm, nothing would happen to the mariner.

Sailors also kept cats on board ships to bring them good luck. If a cat was thrown overboard, a storm would rise and very bad luck would follow. Cats with extra toes were always a good thing on board ships. Sailors were long-known to especially value these cats for their extraordinary climbing and hunting abilities as an aid in controlling shipboard rodents. Some sailors also considered them to be extremely good luck when at sea. Today, such cats are found throughout England and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

Design by: Qrys Bennett