Ninefold Goddess

Ninefold Goddess

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Cast in Lead-free, Kid-Safe, Pewter in the USA by skilled American Crafts People.

Goddesses and Female Spirits abound in groups of Nine: The 9 Muses of Classical Greece, The 9 Morgans of Celtic Paradise, and the 9 Moon Maidens who created the Scandinavian Gods.

According to Kabbalah, the Moon rules the number 9; representing the Dark, Passionate Female Nature. Our Original Design reflects the changing light of the Moon and enriches the illusions, thoughts, and dreams of the Female Nature, allowing expression of your Romantic, Intuitive Artistic self.<*p>

Our Star is composed of a single, unbroken line, resulting in a Protective enclosure which represents Spiritual Protection facilitating Good Spiritual and Physical Health.

9 also corresponds to the 9 Worlds of the Norse Myth which lie within the Magic of the World Tree "Yggdrasill."

The number 9 is considered Sacred because the digits of every multiple of 9 add up to 9…. 2x9=18 [1+8=9], 3x9=27 [2+7= 9], 4x9=36 [3+6=9], Etc.

Wear this Ultimately Feminine Magical Amulet and Invoke the Mysticism and Power of all the Goddesses.


 1" Diameter. A Linda Satya Holler design, actualized by Pepi. Copr 2002