Logan's Zombie

Logan's Zombie

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This piece was designed by nine-year-old, Logan. For years, Logan has immersed himself in all things creepy! As a toddler, he already displayed a penchant for the macabre—while other children were snuggling teddy bears, Logan could be found clutching his 3-foot tall skeleton, Fred McPhee. This is Logan’s debut jewelry design, inspired by a love of zombies, voodoo dolls, and gingerbread men, alike.

These creatures fuel his creativity and spark his imagination on a daily basis, proving that ghoulish monsters aren’t necessarily sinister, sometimes they’re simple misunderstood. If you, too, find yourself inspired by the unusual or drawn to the dark, fear not! We can often find light in these unexplored places, if only we have the courage to open our eyes.

Let this piece serve as a reminder—appearances can be deceiving, so take the time to uncover what is underneath, you may be surprised by the depth and beauty beneath the surface!

Design by: Logan Tsahalis