Hylinian Crest

Hylinian Crest

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Long ago, in the mists’ of time, three golden Goddesses descended upon the world of Hyrule, each bringing a divine wish to create order and life. Din, the Goddess of power, cultivated the empty space, and created the rich red earth. Farore, the Goddess of courage, endowed Hyrule with her powers, and created all living things on Hyrule. Lastly the Goddess of wisdom, Nayru, bestowed her divine wisdom upon the land, and created the worlds’ laws to give justice and order to the people Farare created.  

Satisfied with what they had accomplished, the Goddesses bestowed to Hyrule a sacred artifact called the Triforce, which was endowed with the power to grant wishes. The Triforce consisted of three golden triangles— one of wisdom, one of power, and one of courage. Because the Triforce was made, (rather than coming into existence through divine force) it could not distinguish between good and evil. The goddesses placed the Triforce in an alternate world, called the “Sacred Realm” or the “Golden Land,” knowing that one day a worthy soul would seek it.  

There the Triforce stayed for untold spans of time, until a hero of great character and honor brought the Triforce to his small kingdom called Hyrule. According to the ancient legends, the kingdom of Hyrule was inhabited by an Elvin species called Hylians, and was justly ruled by the Princess Zelda.

May this Hylinian Crest aid you throughout of all of your life adventures!