Hoop Goddess

Hoop Goddess

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Finding one’s center or sacred space can bring profound changes to the life experience. When we live and breathe from that place, we can experience being in the center of our self, our world, our universe, and beyond. We can feel at home wherever we go, whatever the circumstances. We feel safe and protected, yet connected to all around us. Increased energy, vitality, joy, and peace surround us. The spiritual journey takes many forms—hooping is one of them.

Bringing the practice of hooping into your life enables you to experience your safe place, but at the same time, frees the soul to reach out from its fiery core and live in the spirit of the Goddess! Feel the fire of your being! Be the center of your universe!

Live. Love. Laugh. Hoop.

Design by: Cate Tsahalis & Linda Satya Holler