Dracula's Cross

Dracula's Cross

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Count Vlad [the Impaler] Tepes Dracolya was an actual historical figure born 1431 AD in Transylvania. Dracula was a member of The Order of the Dragon, a group of Slavic rulers and warlords who were sworn to uphold the Christian faith by fighting off the advancing Turks of the Muslim Ottoman Empire. The Muslims were a fierce enemy bent on destroying Christianity in Medieval Europe after the fall of the Constantinople in 1453.

The Order's emblem was a Dragon, wings extended, hanging on a cross. From 1453 onward Count Vlad II wore the emblem of the order and his coinage bore the dragon symbol. Dracula tried to protect Europe from the advancing hordes of the Ottoman Empire with deeds that were vicious and dastardly even for his day.

Our Cross design shows two dragons guarding each other’s backs while forming the symbol of the Cross—a stance designed to be protective. Wear this unusual pendant to enhance God's protective guidance in one's life.

Design by: Qrys Bennett