Circle of Transformation

Circle of Transformation

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Cast in Lead-free, Kid-Safe, Pewter in the USA by skilled American Crafts People.

This Transmutation Circle can be a Powerful Tool for Change in Your Life.

 As with all change, one must be strong in conviction yet be open to many different ideas in order to achieve a desired result. If your doubt is stronger than your certainty no results will come. This is but one of the 4 riddled meanings found upon this Alchemical Talisman.

     The inscriptions around the circle read as follows; (1) Pale white and black with false citrine / imperfect white, red the peacocks feathers/ bright in color as a rainbow in / the sky the spotted panther in the green / crow and beak black, blue as lead.  They / shall all appear before you in perfect white. (2) In the east starts / the suns course / beginning your desire.

(3) Elements turn to fire by turning alchemies wheel. (4) To gain ones desire one must remove any doubt.

     "Human kind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain something of equal value something must be lost. That is Alchemies first law of Equivalent Exchange."

Transformed from image to reality, the essence and detail of this circle has been crafted with the highest of care: created by us for those who choose to pursue their Quest of Understanding the Deeper Currents of the Universe.  

Our unique design is from Qrys Bennett, actualized by Pepi and cast in Lead-free, kid safe, "Hallmark" brand Pewter. Copr 2014.            The pendant is double sided and the pendant diameter is 1.375 ".