Celtic Triple Crescent Moon #1

Celtic Triple Crescent Moon #1

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The Triple Crescent Moon represents the ThreeFold Goddess; the Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

The concept of triplicity is manifest in many forms; past, present and future; heaven, earth, and the underworld; sea, sky, and land; mind, body, and spirit, and in the phases of the Moon-full, waxing, and waning.

The Moon represents the Goddess as “Mother Night” symbolizing the darkness of the womb, where all life is generated.

In Mythology, the archetype of the Goddess was born: She is part of the human consciousness. An expression of the spiritual fiber intricately woven into our Souls, the Feminine in our Psyches which has survived two thousand years of patriarchal domination.

She is our “Mother.” Awake the Moon within you!

Embrace the darkness that is Mother Night! The “Triple Crescent Moon” can help reflect your inner Goddess to the outside world.