4-Band Open 14-Gauge Sterling Silver Puzzle Ring

4-Band Open 14-Gauge Sterling Silver Puzzle Ring

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A traditional puzzle ring, also known as Turkish wedding rings or harem rings, are made up of four, six, eight, ten, or twelve interconnected rings. Modern designs include rings of three, five, or seven bands. In order to put the ring back together, one must solve the puzzle. Fortunately for our customers, we include instructions!

Puzzle rings were developed from gimmal rings, which derive their name from the Latin gemelli, meaning "twins." Gimmal rings were traditionally used as wedding rings. It is believed that a husband would give this ring to his wife, but withhold the secret to putting it back together. During times of travel, the husband would rest assured knowing that if his wife removed her ring during an act of infidelity, she would be unable to reassemble the ring, thus making her indiscretions known.

We love the idea of using puzzle rings as wedding bands, but we whole-heartedly encourage full disclosure for each spouse! Wedding rings should symbolize love, trust, and equality. Give this ring to someone who will treat your heart with care.

Or... jettison tradition all together, and wear this ring simply because you love it—no wedding required!

Our puzzle rings are hand-crafted in the United States. Our very own, Zack Tsahalis, single-handedly finishes each ring to his painstakingly-high standards. All of our rings are 100% guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship.

All Puzzle Rings are available in sterling silver and 14k gold. Any of our puzzle rings can be special ordered in 14K White Gold or a combination of 14K White and 14K Yellow Gold.